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Our free webinars feature experts in different different areas of special needs, including transition, legal, financial planning, technology, housing and others.  They provide valuable information that you can use to ensure that your special needs child will have the fullest possible life.  The webinars are approximately one hour in length, including time for questions and answers.

There are no future webinars scheduled at this time.

Previous Webinars

Transition Planning

by Mathew Jurgens

Mathew Jurgens hosts this great webinar about transition planning including: understanding transition in the IEP, building a collaborative vision for your child’s future, building self-determination skills in your child, and talking to your child about their disability.

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Future Care Planning – The Benefits of Supplemental Needs Trusts

by Brian Tully

Brian Tully discusses many aspects of future care planning and the benefits of supplemental needs trusts including: what is future care planning, what government benefits do I need to plan for, and how do I ensure my loved one maintains benefits?

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Brian Tully

Financial Planning for Special Needs Families

by Anthony Soldano

This Free Webinar is designed to educate you on special needs considerations that need to be addressed when developing a financial plan for a family with special needs. Topics include Life, Disability, Long Term Care, Retirement & Wealth planning.

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Anthony Soldano

Navigating the Systems

by Stacey Astachovsky, MSW

This webinar is designed to assist parents, caregivers, educators, community providers, and medical providers to gain an understanding of how and where to start when a child/individual is diagnosed with an intellectual delay and/or developmental disability. Learn about New York State Government programs and eligibility.

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Stacey A




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