As an independent consultant, Craig is product-neutral, allowing him to offer you the most appropriate and cost-effective strategies and solutions to your unique situation.

Life insurance is often used to help provide financial security for your special needs child. Since it is not subject to ordinary income tax, life insurance is also a popular and practical alternative to retirement assets for funding a Special Needs Trust.

Did you know that if your special needs child is receiving or will receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you may be able to use a portion of his or her monthly income to pay for premiums for a life insurance policy which names the Special Needs Trust as the beneficiary?

Other types of insurance are used to protect your income should you become disabled and help protect your assets should you need long-term care.

To obtain more information about insurance or properly funding a Special Needs Trust, call Craig at 631-286-1061 or click here to arrange to have him contact you.

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