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Planning for the future of your special needs child can be confusing and frustrating.  Parents sometimes require assistance in navigating the maze of Special Needs Planning.  A 1-1/2 hour consultation can often help parents see more clearly what they need to do and create an Action Plan to accomplish it.

To schedule a consultation call Craig at (631) 286-1061.


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Just wanted to take a minute to let you know what a difference you have made in my life, and my son Casey’s. I fondly remember meeting you in a seminar at James E. Allen Elementary school. It was at that seminar that you opened my eyes to what lay ahead for Casey in terms of planning for his future. When I sat with you at my initial consultation, I knew right away, you were going to be my Financial Needs Consultant. Over the years you have guided me through a Special Needs Trust, SSI Benefits, Financial Planning, Guardianship and aging out to a Group Home. You have been professional, warm, friendly and caring. I especially like that you can relate to my situation, as you openly share your life and experiences with your special needs brother Scott.


I wholeheartedly recommend your services, as they are the best money I’ve ever spent.

- Randy Lang