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You are your child’s greatest resource. What happens when you are no longer around to advocate for your disabled child? We help families, legal guardians, trustees and other professionals plan for that time.

The Art of Advocacy

Eight Steps to Successfully Advocating for Your Loved One in a Group Home Learn:

  • The subtleties of advocating
  • Why a team approach works in your favor
  • What to do when you can’t resolve your differences
  • Why financial security for your loved one is vital to effective advocacy and your loved one’s future

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This is an excellent guide and essential tool for those advocating for a loved one in a group home setting. Craig Marcott developed the strategies within these pages through years of dedication to his brother. This straightforward guide is his way of sharing the invaluable lessons learned from that experience.

author-img - Conrad Bergmann, Board member of Long Island Family
Support Services Council